Mission Statement

To understand and accept the AKC standard for the Golden Retriever as the basis for its' future, keeping in mind the history and purpose of this breed.

To use that combined knowledge in a breeding program with the goal of producing quality specimens, healthy in mind and body, exemplifying the standard in every way.



The Golden

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"The Golden Retriever is a symmetrical, powerful, active dog, sound and well put together, not clumsy nor long in the leg, displaying a kindly expression and possessing a personality that is eager, alert and self -confident."





A lifelong love of animals became a serious passion with the purchase of our first Golden Retriever in 1980. This first Golden, Sir MacMurphy of Sundance CDX (Mac)  was worked mainly in obedience but we dabbled in conformation with him. A second (Hearthside’s Golden Amber) and third (Sugarbear’s Callie Can Do) soon followed.  In 1986, wanting something more protective, we obtained our first Kuvasz (www.maunakeakuvasz.com).  The next several  years were spent with considerable time focused on the Kuvasz.  However in 1997 we purchased what has become the actual foundation for Ridgepond Goldens with a young female pup from Kandiland Kennels.  This young female, Scandal, has the heart of a champion, which she became in just 5 shows with 4 majors at the young age of 17 months.  The kennel name Ridgepond Goldens was based on the name of a road where we once owned property.  Since Scandal’s arrival at Ridgepond we have strived to breed and produce healthy, happy Goldens.  Good health can be a challenge with so many issues affecting our beautiful breed today.  It is only through careful screening and perseverance of a plan that our long term goal can be achieved.


Our setting is a relatively small and private operation at our home on five wooded acres. It is a passion not a profession. The dogs live in a combination of the house and an insulated kennel building with indoor/outdoor runs and a double fenced exercise and play area. All whelping is done inside the house with a limited number of litters each year. Pups are raised with lots of time and attention to their care. They are exposed to various sights and sounds and are thoroughly socialized to give them ample opportunity to gain confidence and knowledge in the very important formative weeks. Pups go to their new homes at 8 weeks - giving them the time with their mother and littermates that is critical in their development, but sending them to their new homes early enough to bond with their new family and surroundings. Pups spend time outdoors and in the kennel setting as well so that they become comfortable in that environment. The adult dogs are worked with daily, whether informally with play time or a more formal training session for the show ring. We utilize two area vet clinics for our regular veterinary care and use the services of specialists as needed.